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10 Free Horror Games That You Should Play And Share with Friends
Step right into the terrors


4. Forget Me Not Annie

Who doesn't love partnering with large creepy teddy bears

Mysterious hospitals and creepy little girls are a staple of horror gaming, play as one such twisted and psychic girl in Forget Me Not Annie. Players take control of fifteen-year-old Annie as she travels throughout her mind in order to find out the truth about her past. This game plays as a first person puzzle horror game where players must navigate the strange facility that Annie is within while using her powers to solve puzzles.

Annie is able to lift up almost any object with her telekinetic powers and can summon Howard, a large grotesque teddy bear. Howard is her only friend and the two rely on each other throughout the game. Annie can move Howard around with her mind and swap places with him as she tries to solve various puzzles.

The game gets even creepier as players progress as the screams and cries of girls can be heard throughout the game. Annie's conversations with Howard get bizarre and disturbing the closer she gets to the truth. Players must uncover the truth about Annie's past to figure out what's even real.

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