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10 Free Horror Games That You Should Play And Share with Friends
Step right into the terrors


1. Homesick

One of the most beautiful games you'll ever play

Experience homesickness and loneliness like never before as you take on Homesick. Players must explore an abandoned building and discover who they are. The game features a daytime and nighttime world that impacts the other with each puzzle solved and clue found. When the player sleeps they are plagued by nightmares and must frantically run from the darkness. In order to escape your nightmares, players need to find clues, solve puzzles, and decode text.

The game features beautifully detailed 3D graphics that are absolutely stunning for a free game. During the day, the abandoned building that players are trapped within is crumbling and has weeds sprouting along the floor, but feels almost beautiful and serene within all of the decay. The direct sunlight is blinding and raises the question of how long your character has been within the building. The nighttime world is far more disturbing, as players wake up with an axe and all of the color has vanished. Blackness bubbles and spikes all around players, while the loud voices of former inhabitants fill the room.

The game's environment is super interactive and really makes the building feel like it was once lived in. Players can interact with the most minute objects like making the sink water run and press piano keys. Homesick is a gem among free horror games and even its enchanting music score comes bundled in the game's downloaded for free.


Ready to take on these free and amazing horror games? Got some suggestions of your own? Comment bellow and add onto the list of great free horror games so everyone can make their days even scarier. 

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