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10 Scariest Moments in PC Gaming
Not safe for sleep

8. Pyramid Head (Silent Hill)

The pyramid cone thing is to protect his sensative skin from UV rays and sunburns

It is likely that you’ve seen or heard of Pyramid Head before even if you’ve never played one of the Silent Hill games. The twisted character grew popular and became the franchise’s mascot after its first appearance.

Silent Hill is a series that knows how to scare you and they do it well. In fact, Silent Hills 2 is one of the best scary PC games on the market. You’ve been stumbling around what seems like an abandoned village. You’re trapped inside and you don’t know why, but strange things keep happening that are starting to mess with your sense of reality.

The icing on the cake is when James Sunderland, the protagonist, discovers the Pyramid Head assaulting a couple of Mannequins. Instead of running as you probably should, you hide in the closet and watch.

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