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10 Scariest Moments in PC Gaming
Not safe for sleep

5. Getting caught by Slenderman (Slenderman the 8 Pages)

He'll make you lose your mind before you lose your life

Slenderman was originally created by Eric Knudsen as an internet meme, and it quickly grew to become one of the most popular internet characters online. Slenderman is a tall and thin man without a face that usually abducts children and feeds off of people that have gotten lost. He is known for stalking his prey for a long time causing serious paranoia before delivering the final blow.

Slenderman the 8 Pages was an immediate hit as a scary PC game and became widely popular for really capturing the spirit of Slender. Your car has broken down and you are stuck in the forest with just a flash light and a video camera. You make your way to your friend’s house only to find her missing and signs of a break in.

Gradually you find more and more signs of Slenderman’s presence and start going crazy as he stalks you through the forest. You don’t know what will happen first, Slenderman catching you or your flash light dying.

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