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10 Scariest Moments in PC Gaming
Not safe for sleep

1. The Morgue (Amnesia)

This is by far the most disturbing scene in a horror game

The title of this scare should be enough to tell you that it will be disturbing. This survival horror game gives you control over a young man who wakes up in the dark halls of a castle without any memory of his past (amnesia, get it?) He has to collect clues to figure out what is going on and who he was.

One of the more disturbing scenes in the game comes when you find yourself stumbling around the morgue. Amidst the piles of bodies, you come across a day old corpse that you need to extract blood from… So you drill a hole in the head and drain it with a rusty old pipe.

If that wasn’t enough, the moment you proceed to do this the monsters that have been chasing you comes pounding on the door. You better run for your life or it’ll all be over.

This concludes our list for the most terrifying moments in scary PC games. Let us know in the comments below which scary moments are your favorite.

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