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10 Things PC Gamers Can Do That Console Gamers Can't

5. PC’s are Upgrade able

it's so shiny and new

Say you wanted to play the new Batman Arkham Knight game that is going to come out or the new Star Wars Battlefront. If you only have a PS3 or Xbox 360 you are out of luck. You have to spend over $400 American dollars and buy a PS4 or Xbox One. If you have a PC it’s as simple as seeing if your PC can run the game at a good frame rate and make the proper upgrades.

Sometimes a simple RAM upgrade or a new Graphics card is all you need. Sometimes $100 or $200 Dollars is all it takes to play your new game and many more in the future. Consoles cannot be upgraded. The newer consoles lets you upgrade the HDD, but that is it and sometimes not even that.

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