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Although the last Left 4 Dead game came out in 2009, due to the success of the series, we should be expecting a third game, right? Well, even if Left 4 Dead 3 has only been rumored to be true, it’s still nice to hope and as a way to give Valve motivation to consider making a third game, a team of researchers (fellow gamers) and I have compiled a list of 10 Things We Want In Left 4 Dead 3.

10. Cars

 The Ultimate Zombie Survival Machine Made By Hyundai 

While cars are shown in the majority of the maps in Left 4 Dead 2, players are not given the opportunity to drive any of them and are only used to complete missions. Other than being a nuisance to players, cars do not play a very big role in the game except as a way to progress the storyline and even though being able to drive cars would be unuseful in a zombie game, if Valve were to incorporate a way to allow players to drive cars during missions and not for the majority of the game, it would definitely bring uniqueness to the Left 4 Dead series that has not yet been shown. By being able to drive cars, players can face new challenges and play a zombie game that isn’t like the others.

9. Chance To Escape

 Left 4 Dead Character, Louis, Is Pinned To The Ground By  A Hunter

In my experience of playing Left 4 Dead 2, Jockeys and Hunters have always been a pain because of how it’s impossible to escape from them unless your teammates shoot or shove them off of you and that’s only if your teammates care enough to do that. Unfortunately, I have not always been lucky enough to have had friends who don’t leave me behind because they tend to get a little too far ahead, leaving me to deal with all of the special infected that they don’t kill and I always end up getting pinned by a Hunter or a Jockey. Personally, I find them both really annoying but only because the person being pinned down does not have a way to escape by themselves. I completely understand that realistically if a person were to pin me down and maul me to death, I too would be screaming for help, but adding in a way for players to escape these special infected could help improve the gameplay tremendously.

8. Combine New And Old Characters

 All Of The Left 4 Dead Survivors From Both The First And Second Game

During their very brief encounter in The Passing, the Left 4 Dead characters (excluding Bill) make a mini cameo as the Left 4 Dead 2 characters try to get their car across the bridge. Although they do end up leaving without the Left 4 Dead characters, it would’ve been pretty cool to have seen them come together, especially with the death of Bill. Hopefully in Left 4 Dead 3, both the Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 characters will be playable in all of the maps, allowing for more than 4 people to play in a campaign game and progressing the storyline.

7. Witches Be Crazy (Sound Sensitivity)

 Although It Is Not An Accurate Image Of The Witch From L4D, The Wicked Witch Of The West Is Equally Disturbing 

Even though the creators of the Left 4 Dead games have tried to make a realistic style zombie game by making players wary of car alarms and shining flashlights on witches, the lack of sound sensitivity is surprising because it does not make sense that something as loud as shooting a gun does not startle the witch when a flashlight does. Now, although making the witch sensitive to gun sounds could be problematic in a case where you’re being attacked by a horde near a witch, it makes the game a lot more realistic and exciting. If there is a possibility that they could add this in, another thing that they could consider are gun silencers. By placing gun silencers randomly throughout the maps, it would be very helpful to players and allow them to safely pass the witch and fend off hordes. Unless they’re people who intentionally startle the witch for fun. Then they’re doomed either way. Sorry guys.

6. Aim

 By Installing An Addon, Some Players Are Able To Use ADS In The Game

In my 4 years of playing Left 4 Dead 2, one of the things that really bothers me is the lack of aiming. While snipers do have scopes that you can use in the game, the rest of the guns don’t and other than the crosshair that you use to aim with, there is no way to ADS in the game (Aim Down Sights). Even though there is laser sight, I would be shot less by my teammates and I would shoot less of my teammates if Left 4 Dead 3 added in ADS. Don’t get me wrong though. I play Left 4 Dead 2 so much that it’s probably ruined my social life and it’s one of my favorite games, but I think that with ADS, I wouldn’t unintentionally shoot the people around me as I’m trying to save them.

5. More Guns

 A Gun Locker From The L4D Game Is Shown Storing Several Of The Guns Found In The Games

With the small variety of weapons in Left 4 Dead, I have only used about 5 of them and that’s only because the others are either snipers, melee weapons, or guns that I hate using. Now in a zombie apocalypse, it’s probably possible to come across all sorts of guns, especially as you’re travelling and due to the lack of a large variety of guns, playing Left 4 Dead can sometimes become extremely boring. Hopefully Valve will consider adding in more guns that don’t require us to download an addon for and we won’t be stuck using the same basic guns that we use for every map that we play.

4. Add More Special Infected

A Drawing Of What Some Believe That The Special Infected Looked Like Before They Became Infected

Special infected in both Left 4 Dead games make the game more challenging and frustrating, but I can’t say that I would enjoy the game as much as I do without them and I really hope that the characters come across new special infected that we haven’t seen before or at least improved versions of each of them. While the backstory of how these special infected came to be is still unknown unless you’re into reading Left 4 Dead fanfiction, it would be interesting to see if Valve is willing to release and explain them in Left 4 Dead 3 or on their website.

3. Running and Crawling

 A Very Accurate Meme Of What Most Players Experience Whenever They See Hordes Or Special Infected

Running and crawling. Controls that can only be added into the game through addons and I’m still not sure why Valve hasn’t put them into either of the games. Both would be very useful when you’re trying to ditch your teammates (That’s right Stephen. I’m talking about you) or if you’re down and your teammates are trying to get to you, but can’t. Again, I’m hoping that Valve can put these into the next Left 4 Dead game in order to bring hype up for a game series that hasn’t had either and has a lot of potential to make a comeback.

2. Backstories

 A Page From The 4 Part Left 4 Dead Comic Book, The Sacrifice

Clearly there’s a storyline and the characters from both the first and second game are trying to get somewhere, but we don’t know where they’re going to or even who our characters were before the zombie apocalypse. By just looking at each of the characters, you can tell what kind of job or life they had before, but that’s all we know. Left 4 Dead is an interesting game and it would definitely bring back a lot of attention to the series if Left 4 Dead 3 had a way to introduce their backstories naturally and maybe even do the same with the special infected. There is a 4 part comic book that Valve released, but even those did not go into detail about how they met or them in general.

1. Playing As The Witch In Versus

 The Witch, A Very Sensitive Special Infected In The Left 4 Dead Games That Is Easily Irritated By A Flashlight

As someone who loves to play Versus with my friends, I wish that you could play as the witch. I realize that the witch does have to be startled by the other players, but playing as the witch could liven up the Versus experience for everyone who plays. They could even make it so that only one witch can spawn in one map, similar to the tank that spawns in and randomly choose a player on the infected side. Although playing as the witch is possible if the server you are playing on has a mod or addon in Left 4 Dead 2, there aren’t enough servers that have it and it would save everyone the headache of having to find a server that does if Valve already made it possible in the game.

Like I said, Left 4 Dead 3 has only been rumoured to be true but it would be pretty awesome if they released an official statement telling us that they are making the game. Although these are only things that I hope will be in the next game, maybe Valve will possibly read this and agree that these would make the game a whole lot better.

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