11 Best Boxing Games To Play in 2015: Page 2 of 11

Breaking skulls the sportsmanlike way!
Breaking skulls the sportsmanlike way!

10. Black & Bruised


Right in the kisser!

Black & Bruised is another arcade boxer that lets you demolish your opponents with flashy moves.

For a console game released in 2003, its cartoon visuals aren’t so bad; you can actually see the characters’ jaws dislocating every time you land a good one. Each fighter has a ton of personality, if you don’t mind obvious stereotypes like the buxom country gal, the Japanese fighter with the geisha face paint, the Irishman with the four-leaf clover tattoo, and some Mexican dude dressed up like Guacamole.

The fighting is hectic and fast. The punches sound painful, and you can even use power-ups such as armor and elemental damage. If you’ve still got a working PlayStation 2 or a GameCube, this is one of the best boxing games you can play.


Fists of fury



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