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best ninja games
Bringing a sword to a gunfight never felt so good

10. Strider (2014)

Strider - Launch Trailer

  • Developer: Double Helix Games
  • Genre: Action, Sidescrolling
  • Theme: Lightning Fast Ninja-ing with Platform Elements.

Is all that skulking around boring for you? You want not only to stand in front of your enemies, but shout at their faces while slicing them to death? Well then, Strider is your game. A side-scrolling battle frenzy, Strider foregoes the stealth approach to give you a high-tech ninja that can juggle enemies in the air while jumping from platform to platform.

Beautifully chaotic.

With action being the obvious focus, Strider gives you a wide array of cyphers (you don’t use a sword, you silly, you use a cypher: we’re high-tech) moves and techniques. From deflecting bullets like a Jedi, to literally freezing your enemies, there’s always a fun little new way to make you feel like a tempest on the battlefield.

There’s no kill like overkill.

You’ll barely notice anything that isn’t your character dodging, slicing and sliding through the enemy ranks, preparing for the mandatory but entertaining boss fights. All while having a perpetual wind-makes-my-red-scar-fly effect. What’s not to like?

Strider - Gameplay Trailer

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