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Bringing a sword to a gunfight never felt so good

8. Shadow Warrior (2013)

Shadow Warrior You've Got Wang Trailer

  • Developer: Flying Wild Hog
  • Genre: First Person Shooter, Action
  • Theme: Katana and guns with supernatural elements

So there seems to be a lot of ninjas out there that use swords again bullets. And that’s fair. But why not both? That’s the same question katana-enthusiast Lo Wang asks after being hired to find an invincible sword, just to discover he has to battle a demonic army. He then proceeds to shoot and cut everything in sight.

Maniacal laughter is optional.

Variety is the name of the game, so you’ll find plenty of different firearms and upgrades for your mandatory katana. The physics of enemies and environments are good, and the transition between gun, sword and magic makes navigating through the blood-soaked levels an enjoyable experience. All while racking up a body count enough to frighten even the toughest demon.

He doesn’t seem to like showering; we’ll be safe here.

With its main attraction being the FPS aspect, you won’t find yourself gliding through the levels with grace, but instead will hear Lo Wang loudly cuss at enemies while you dismember them with both bullet and katana. Fun and bloody, this is one great experience for any modern would-be ninja.

Shadow Warrior Wangtastic Features

7. Shadow Blade: Reload (2015)

Shadow Blade: Reload Trailer

Developer: Dead Mage

Genre: Action Platformer, Indie

Theme: Agile ninja-ing

We’ve already covered two side-scrollers that focus on the stealth and action elements. This time, however, Shadow Blade: Reload is more a platformer than anything else. You are in the shoes (ninja sandals?) of Kuro, another last remaining hero of his clan who must protect a relic and save the world. The story, that might’ve been bland if told otherwise, is rendered in a comic-book style that helps with the suspension of disbelief when you find that rooms are built rather impractically.

I mean, is there even a toilet in this building?

As with any good platformer, the levels themselves are the stars, so you’ll find plenty of traps, moving platforms, spikes and floating collectibles to satiate your thirst of jump-based action. You start the game pretty much with every ability and tool you’ll ever need (no upgrades for you, Kuro), but the variety of hazards and enemies with different weaknesses will keep things entertaining. And if you get bored, there’s the level editor.

Design tip #1: That bonsai tree isn’t going to last in the cold.

So after you beat the story and still crave for more, you too can sadistically design murder rooms and share them with friends. Nice.

Shadow Blade Reload Gameplay

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