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Bringing a sword to a gunfight never felt so good

6. Kenshi (In development)

Kenshi v0.90 Beta Trailer

Developer: Lo-Fi Games

Genre: RPG, Strategy, Simulation

Theme: Swordpunk, unforgiving world with fantasy elements

Heads-up: This game is still in development. So with that in mind, let’s continue our adventure.

You don’t enjoy potatoes unless you’ve ripped them from the earth with your bare hands? I have a game for you. Self-described as a free-roaming based RPG, Kenshi allows you to be whatever you want to be in a world full of deserts, ruins and good old fashioned swords. Or at least try. You have to work for it. And if you are captured and left for dead, well, tough luck.

Someday I’ll escape and find out what the rest of the game is about.

But once you learn to stay alive and manage all the menus, you’ll find that this is a hybrid of a RTS and RPG game, where freedom is encouraged. You can be a lone samurai or just build a city in the middle of nowhere: you can tailor your experience towards combat or SimCity, and no one will say anything against it. They’ll just stab you and steal your food.

You really should invest in protection, is what we’re saying.

With much of its features still in development, this is one game that deserves attention from all the hardcore ninjas out there, who understand that being alive is a privilege, not a right.

Kenshi Gameplay - Forming a Party - Part 2

5. Assassin’s Creed: Rogue (2014)

Assassin's Creed Rogue Launch Trailer

Developer: Ubisoft

Genre: Action, Adventure

Theme: Assassins, conspiracy, high-seas combat

Ninjas and assassins are, of course, the ultimate bad boys, anti-hero types. So what could be more hardcore? A ROGUE assassin, that’s what. When you control Shay, be prepared to forfeit all previous loyalties, for all rules are gone and you’ll be hunting down your former allies.

A sword and a dagger overkill? You’re such a bad boy, Shay.

Of course it’s still an Assassin’s Creed game, so you’ll find plenty of mechanics that are nearly identical to previous incarnations, such as viewpoints with eagles, sneaking around with your hidden blade, counter-moves in combat, crazy parkour, hunting, and even naval combat (no diving levels because the water is too cold, though).

So you can rest from being a ninja by being a pirate. Awesome.

Even if it is quite similar to previous incarnations, that’s not a bad thing if you had a quality product before. Plus, being a Templar and intercepting assassins is an overdue change of pace that will have you feeling guilty for how much you enjoy being so… rogue.

Assassin’s Creed Rogue River Valley Land Gameplay Walkthrough [North America]

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