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Worth playing over and over...
Worth playing over and over...

8. Rome: Total War

Rome 01

The color purple strikes terror into the bravest of hearts!

Rome 02

Look, a shooting star! Time to make a wi- Oh wait...

Despite their proclivity for wearing skirts and sandals, Roman soldiers sure knew how to kick butt. We’re guessing that’s why the third Total War game is set in the early Roman Empire.

After choosing to lead any of three Roman houses (Julii, Scipii, or Brutii), you initiate your plan of military conquest. This entails maneuvering large armies across enormous killing grounds, and countless troops skewering each other with swords and spears. Seriously, the epicness of such battles provides a high that’s hard to replace.

Achieving victory doesn’t solely rest on butchering the opposition in real time, though; you have to know how to play nice, too. Treat a city’s populace like dirt, and they’ll rebel, maybe even become a new faction.

Released in 2004, Rome: Total War is still a favorite among fans of the series, and we’re not surprised. The franchise’s disparate gameplay elements work in perfect cohesion in this game. Definitely one of the best pc games ever made!

Rome 03

Chain smokers' convention, circa 100AD

Rome 04

Here, catch!

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