11 Best PC Games That Are Over 10 Years Old But Still Awesome: Page 7 of 11

Worth playing over and over...
Worth playing over and over...

5. World of Warcraft


"That little green thing looks like dinner!!"

World of Warcraft was launched way back in 2004. The fact that it has outlived most MMORPGs – even those released more recently – says a lot about its immense staying power.

WoW, as it is called by fans, follows the events of WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne. The major races of Azeroth have formed two rival factions: the Alliance and the Horde. After players choose a side and create their character, the world is theirs to explore and enjoy.

Aside from quests, PvP, leveling up, raids, parties, and guilds, WoW is chockfull of activities. Remember that time Azeroth was plagued by a highly contagious disease? Heck, that made the mainstream news! You’ve also got fishing tourneys, zombie invasions, romantic festivals, and more. And then you’ve got those glorious expansions.

Blizzard’s dedication to the WoW community is evident in the endless stream of new stuff it gives players to enjoy. For that, we think it’s one of the best pc games ever released.


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