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2016 can't come soon enough!
2016 can't come soon enough!

1. No Man's Sky

There’s one dream every sci-fi nerd lives for: the opportunity to sails between the stars, to explore the great void of the cosmos.

If you’re a sci-fi nerd, developer Hello Games is your genie. Their game, No Man’s Sky, promises a virtual universe boasting more than 18 quintillion planets. Our minds can’t even process how big a “quintillion” is, except that it sure sounds way more than a billion.

Planets have ecosystems, so expect plants, animals, and maybe even intelligent life. Once you’ve discovered a planet, you can then submit information about it to a database called The Atlas. This allows players all over the world to share their discoveries with others.

Journey with friends, upgrade your gear, purchase starships, and defend yourself against Sentinels in what will likely be one of the great PC games of 2016!



So what do you think, gamers? What do you think will be the great PC games of 2016? Tell us in the comments section below!

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