11 Great PC Games Coming Out in 2016: Page 6 of 11

2016 can't come soon enough!
2016 can't come soon enough!

6. XCOM 2

Turn-based strategy had its champion in the excellent X-COM: Enemy Unknown. Well, come 2016, you’ll be zapping alien scum once again in XCOM 2.

In this alternate timeline of the XCOM universe, the aliens have conquered Earth. A weakened XCOM now operates from a mobile base called the Avenger.

You’ll be in charge of squads of soldiers as you attempt to take the planet back from the extraterrestrial menace one mission at a time. Soldiers have different classes and can be leveled up to access a variety of special skills. New class types include the Grenadier, who’s happiest when they’re blowing things up; and the Ranger, who’s an expert with swords.

Missions range from extermination jobs to kidnapping tasks. Take an alien home, and you can perform an autopsy to learn a thing or two about their physiology. This will identify their weaknesses and maybe even help you develop new weapons. As a first in the series, some missions will also feature secondary objectives.

An eagerly awaited title – one that will likely be one of the great PC games of 2016!



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