11 Great PC Games Coming Out in 2016: Page 8 of 11

2016 can't come soon enough!
2016 can't come soon enough!

4. Dark Souls III

Who’d have known a game so hard that playing it is sometimes akin to punching yourself in the face would become successful enough to warrant numerous sequels?

What started as a PS3-exclusive called Demon’s Souls is now a cross-platform franchise that has been kicking our collective behinds since 2009. Dark Souls III will be the series’ 2016 entry, and from what we’ve seen and heard so far, it’s every bit as punishing as its predecessors.

The combat will be faster, and there’s even a new system which basically gifts you with new abilities depending on the weapon you’re holding. As for the bosses, they’re bigger, uglier, and more dangerous than ever.

Masochists unite, because Dark Souls III is set to become one of the great PC games of 2016!



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