11 Horror Games that should be Made into Movies: Page 3 of 11

11 Horror Games that should be Made into Movies
We horror fans can dream


9. BioShock

Only the best for Rapture

Let’s take to everyone’s favorite underwater paradise for our next big horror movie hit. The movie will follow Jack as the plane he is in crashes into the Atlantic Ocean. He makes his way to a lighthouse that is secretly a terminal that takes him to Rapture.

With a movie adaptation we can experience Rapture like never before. We most definitely want to explore the fallen utopia of Rapture and the creatures that lurk within it. Those Splicers will give viewers some good scares until the Big Daddies come around, they’re what we’re really here for.

One of the best things about BioShock is how anything can be turned into a weapon. Watching the protagonist manipulate the environment, enemies, and even themselves into a weapon will result in some great fights. It’ll be pretty neat watching a swarm of killer hornets hack into baddies.

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