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11 Horror Games that should be Made into Movies
We horror fans can dream


6. Left 4 Dead

Our savors

There’s no way that one of the best zombie games would be left out of this list.        

Left 4 Dead is known as one of the greats for good reason. This game has players and up to three of their friends take control of Bill the war vet, Louis the IT guy, Zoey the college student, and Francis the biker. Now we can see this rag-tag group come together with a whole new life.

The adrenaline will be constantly running high as these four take down hordes of zombies and terrifying mutants. Get ready for a string of killer fight scenes, as the four will need to constantly bash some zombie skulls. We might want to pass out on the very gross Exploders, but we horror gamers always have to be prepared for the worst.

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