11 Horror Games that should be Made into Movies: Page 7 of 11

11 Horror Games that should be Made into Movies
We horror fans can dream


5. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Not the most friendly face

You probably saw this one coming.

Rather than watching YouTubers scream at this game we should kick it up a notch so we can collectively scream out in fear. Just like in the game, the movie will follow Daniel as he wakes up in a deserted castle, suffering from amnesia.

Our biggest fear might not be from what comes up on screen, but from our fear tinged imaginations that will leave us unsure and paranoid. Just like with the game, we’ll be constantly unsure about what is real and what is coming from ours and Daniel’s fear. Though we can all agree that the creepy monster out for slaughter is pretty real danger.

Perhaps on screen we’ll learn the secrets behind Amnesia.

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