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11 Horror Games that should be Made into Movies
We horror fans can dream


2. Fatal Frame 2

Why are small girls so scary in horror?

Fatal Frame 2 is hands down one of the scariest Japanese horror games out there. I dare anyone who disagrees to take a crack at the game themselves. This game isn’t for your normal horror fan, but the stone cold die hard.

In the right hands, Fatal Frame 2 could be an awesomely terrifying movie. This game is about twins Mio and Mayu who are trapped in a hunted village. This village contains violent, tortured souls that resulted from a failed ritual. Mayu quickly falls under the village’s spell and pulls her sister deeper into the hellish village.

To combat the ghosts, the girls use an old camera to hack at their undead health. In a movie these ghost close ups are perfect jump scare material. This game offers plenty of ghosts to scare us with like broken neck women, veiled priests, and plenty other nightmare fodder.

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