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10. The Witcher series (2007-2015)

Witcher 3
Alchemy is one of the game's many deep, interesting systems that tie into gameplay and story lore.

When The Witcher was first announced, many were skeptical of this generic-sounding game based on a series of Polish fantasy novels, but it wasn't long until RPG fans realized that the huge open world of The Witcher was one of the most original and refreshing in years.

Drawing on common fantasy tropes like goblins and trolls, and bringing them into a more practical setting against a detailed political backdrop, The Witcher's basis in novel-writing is clear from the outset. This is a living, breathing world with rules and history. You step into the shoes of a Witcher, a sort of supernatural bounty hunter responsible for saving the common folk from the powerful monsters in the world. They accomplish this by using a variety of magic spells, alchemical potions, and enchanted equipment, all of which translate into unique narrative gameplay that changes how you approach encounters.

Another thing The Witcher is notable for is having very gray morality. “Right” and “wrong” are never clear, and the choices you make might not have consequences for a long time, or ever. The game doesn't reward one over the other, and you make and live with your choices throughout the series. What's more is that choices can set you down completely different paths in the games, where your story will be unique to you.

There are three games in the series. You can start with the first, or jump right into The Witcher III, which is the highest-awarded game of all time, and a modern masterpiece of the RPG genre. Thanks to an in-depth backstory logged into the game, you should be able to catch yourself up with a little reading.

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