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7. Undertale (2015)

Undertale's approach to combat is different from anything else, and based more in puzzles than power.

Undertale is a bit different from the other games on this list. It doesn't feature heavy customization of stats, and its possible to beat the game without ever attacking a single monster. In fact, it's recommended. Undertale is a highly creative and unique look at RPG games, and the choices we make when we play. An homage to the RPGs of the Super Nintendo era, such as Earthbound and Chrono Trigger, Undertale is a beautiful examination of right and wrong, of understanding and patience, or embracing differences. It's an RPG game for long-time RPG gamers, littered with tropes and references to gaming's history.

Gameplay in Undertale is a departure from standard RPGs, with combat that plays out in turn-based battles peppered with “bullet-hell” segments (where one tries to dodge oncoming attack patterns). Where the combat gets really interesting, though, is in figuring out how to avoid fighting each individual monster, which results in getting to know their personalities, and realizing they're more than enemies.

The game is filled with puzzles throughout, all accompanied by quirky, charming dialogue and amazing retro music. Toby Fox, the creator of the game, is famous around the internet for his music, and the soundtrack to Undertale is absolutely one of the standouts of this unique RPG experience.

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