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6. Knights of the Old Republic (2003)

Become a Jedi, fly around the galaxy, dual-wield lightsabers...what's not to love?

Back before Disney acquired the rights to the Star Wars franchise and reset the universe's many, many spinoff stories, Knights of the Old Republic was considered one of the best and most interesting looks at the galaxy far, far away. Letting players live out their dreams of being whatever Jedi they wanted to be, and offering tons of Force powers, customizations, and the type of sympathetic companions that BioWare is known for, Knights of the Old Republic still stands as a great RPG and top Star Wars game.

KOTOR, as it's lovingly called by fans, makes players a part of the Star Wars universe in a story that is directly changed by the player. You can skew the events and people around you towards the Dark Side of the Force, and see the results reflected in the character design, music, and more. You can meet and interact with tons of different species that were only ever hinted at in the movies, and learn all about various locations, like Dantooine, sight of a former Jedi temple (referenced briefly in the films). You can customize your lightsaber, and fly around through hyperspace on your very own ship. Although the combat and leveling systems are enjoyable, it's the writing of the quests and the characters that KOTOR is so venerated. The game gave rise to perhaps one of the most famous companion characters in an RPG, the bloodthirsty assassin droid HK-47, who displays open contempt for you and everything you do (unless, of course, you're also a murderous monster).

BioWare released an MMORPG set in the same time period back in 2010, titled simply Star Wars: The Old Republic, but it wasn't quite the sequel fans were looking for. Play KOTOR 1 and 2 first, and if you find yourself wanting more, the free-to-play online RPG is also a good, fun experience.

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