12 New PC Games That You Must Play in 2015: Page 8 of 12

The year's best games!
The year's best games!

5. Cities: Skylines

Those disappointed with 2013’s SimCity can find solace in Cities: Skylines, one of the best new PC games released this year.

As can be expected from a city-building game, you’re tasked with developing a small settlement into a bustling metropolis. It’s not as easy as dropping buildings onto a virtual game board, though; there are numerous considerations to take into account, from road placement to taxes.

Skylines 01

This city is beginning to look like paradise

You’ve also got the happiness and health of your people to think about. Too much pollution, and people will be blowing factory smoke out their noses. Not enough jobs, and you’ll have people sharing their meals with rats and cockroaches. Unhappy citizens make an unhappy city!

Skylines is open-ended, so you can build for as long as you want. What better way to spend all those sleepless nights?

Skylines 02

By the sea

Skylines 03

Those cars are so colorful they look like they're fresh off a Pixar film

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