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12. Torment: Tides of Numenara

Fully crowdfunded computer RPG.

In Torment, you play a single character in this RPG.  You have a vast range of NPCs that you can choose whether or not to put them in your party.  Like many good RPGs, it’s all about the role-playing: the choices you make affect the world around you. 

The Ninth World is unlike any other.   

There are many different sides to choose from in Numenara and it is not as simple as black and white.  You can join in factions to receive support and give support, or you can stay out of it entirely if you want.  Either way, you’ll come up against people with ideas unlike yours who will probably force you into combat. 

This game, among several other RPGs on this list, are part of the RPG revolution to bring back a more classic RPG experience. 

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