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3. Total War: Attila

Fancy an olden-style battle again and again and again?

You are now in 395 AD at the dawn of the Dark Ages and you must survive.  You have some choices though.  Are you going to create for yourself your own kingdom of barbarians or are you going to try and keep the last bastion of the Roman Empire alive?

Total War: Attila takes into account several factors: famine, disease, as well as war.  You play this turn-based strategy game with real-time tactics.  A large point of the game is to use fire in your battle tactics; whether you only set buildings aflame or raze the entire terrain is up to you. 

They want you to burn the world. 

Total War: Attila is your highly-realistic experience in what it would be like to be there.  You’ll have the specific technologies, arms, religion, cultures, and social upheaval that were present in 395.  Enjoy. 

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