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4: GTA: 5

Gotta go fast.

The premise of Grant Theft Auto: 5 is not that much different from previous GTA games.  You control three criminals committing heists while trying not to get yourself arrested.  You have your missions and scenarios that you must complete to progress the story, but outside of those missions, you are free to roam the otherwise open world. 

The first person experience of GTA: 5.

GTA: 5 also includes aircraft, something new and exciting compared to previous games.  And, in addition to the three protagonists, you can also hire accomplices with specific sets of skills to help you on missions—for a cut of the money, of course.  You can also play online and complete missions with other players to help. 

This installment of the Grand Theft Auto games is everything the other games had and more, better graphics, more vehicles, and more ways to complete your missions, all set within the completely fictional but also satiric city of Los Santos. 

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