15 Hottest League of Legends Cosplays You'll Ever See

15 Hottest LoL Cosplays
"Doesn't get any better than a perfect cosplay of DJ Sona! Courtesy of HAGANECosplay"

League of Legends has a lot of awesome champions and cosplayers alike.

You can't deny it. There's all sorts of alluring cosplayers from all around the world cosplaying as different champions with only one goal in mind: Actually look the part and gracefully portray the champions and characters to an awesome extent (Easy enough, right?). 

But these charming women who we'll be featuring probably didn't get the memo as they exceeded all expectations of a normal cosplayer and straight up Ahri Charmed us all with their stunningly perfect cosplay of the hottest champs in League of Legends.

Also when we say hottest, I mean they look absolutely beauitiful in a way that their pictures just make you want to share them. This list is to celebrate and feature these fine women who've managed to recreate our favorite characters vividly to life. This one's for you, lovely ladies!

Now without further ado, prepare yourselves for the most breathtaking cosplays (and witty puns to go along with them) as we look at the hottest League of Legends cosplays you'll ever see.

15. Aza Miyuko (Heartseeker Sona)

"She doesn't have to seek hearts if she looked like this in real life."

Sona is one of the best supports an AD Carry can have. To see such beauty outside LoL is just grand, and to have someone with the likes of Aza Miyuko, a pro-cosplayer from South Korea, cosplay her vividly is almost mind-boggling. She's definitely done more than "seek" out our hearts with this cosplay for sure!

Aza Miyuko is a very popular, a very skilled, and a very hot cosplayer which entitles her to be ranked highly at 955th at Cure WorldCosplay's rankings as of writing. The proof of that is her enticing cosplay of Heartseeker Sona. Don't believe me? See for yourself.

"Oh my. Only you can hear me summoner. What masterpeice shall we play today?" 

"She doesn't even need her crescendo to pull off this stunning cosplay."

Photos by: 2AO Design

Facebook Page: https://web.facebook.com/AzaMiyuko.FanPage/ (Fan Page)

WorldCosplay Page: https://worldcosplay.net/en/member/azadkwk

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