21 Video Games That Were Made Into Movies

21 Games That Were Made Into Movies
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You can’t judge a Video Game Movie by the money it made at the Box Office. If you did, then 2001’s Tomb Raider would be at the top of that list. And Angelina Jolie’s 2001 attempt is not a good film.

But then most Games that end up as movies are awful. From the last years of the twentieth century to the dozens of games currently being turned into movies, Hollywood’s attempt to turn pixels into $$$$ has been quite frankly painful and embarrassing for us gamers. But let’s go and stick forks in our eyeballs anyway and make our way through most of the games that have had shamelessly terrible adaptations of them made.

Here’s the list in reverse order from gut churningly, rotten meat smelling, burning plastic Barbie awful, to well, watchable. Maybe?

But where to start…

Criteria for entry:

Only one film from a series: Otherwise we’ll be caught up in Resident Evil and Tomb Raider sequels.

○Films must have had a theatrical release.

○Highest grossing movies don’t affect rankings.

○Biggest potential mixed with biggest disappointment is a factor.

And. Here. We. Go.

21.) Alone in the Dark. (2005)

Starring: Christian Slater, Tara Reid, Stephen Dorff

I would rather have spent 90 minutes alone in the dark than watch this s***  (Image via www.impawards.com)

Alone in the Dark was directed by Uwe Boll. (Look out for this name, he will show up again, and again in this list. He is the Anti-Christ of game adaptation directors.)

There are no adjectives currently available in the Lexicon of any language in the world to describe how f****** awful this video game adaptation is. Christian Slater is the laughable star of this terrible suspense feature. He plays some sort of ghost hunting detective called Edward Carnby. Once, many people thought Slater had a career ahead of him as an actor. After appearing in some decent movies in his youth such as Young Guns II, The Name of the Rose, Broken Arrow, True Romance, and Heathers, many people thought Slater had a very promising career ahead of him making movies. 

Alone in the Dark proves that is possible to fall further than rock bottom. Alone in the Dark put the nail in Slater’s coffin forever. 

"No my agent, somebody call my agent. I have to stop this film being made."

The film also had Tara Reid in it; Reid’s performance is even worse than Slater’s. It was like she already knew she had no real future as an actor and had already given up. It was either that or drugs. Admittedly, she does look good in this film, but that’s not a reason to watch it.

Billed as some sort of Sci-fi-Horror-Action-Hellish-Something-or-other, it  averages a pretty remarkable 1.7% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Personally that seems quite generous to me. This movie is funny for all the wrong reasons.


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