The 25 Sexiest Pokemon Cosplays Ever: Page 2 of 6

These cosplayers take "Gotta Catch 'em All" to a whole new level.

19. Sassmira Cosplay as Brock and Onix

Sassmira Cosplay as the Pewter City gym leader.

18. Conyten as Elesa from Black and White

Conyten poses as the electric gym leader.

17. Narga-chan Cosplay as Greninja

Narga-chan as the popular Greninja.

16. Alana Waffles as Raikou

Alana cosplays as the legendary dog, Raikou.

15. Termina Cosplay as Ho-Oh

Termina Cosplay is battle ready as Ho-Oh.

14. Ryuu Lavitz as Raichu

Ryuu Lavitz is cosplaying as the shocking Raichu.

13. Chaosity Cosplay and Ashlikachu as Kyogre and Groudon

Chaosity and Ashlikachu as the legendary duo of Hoenn.

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