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Gamers decide.
Gamers decide.

30. Grim Fandango Remastered

1998’s Grim Fandango was a masterpiece that combined wit, humor, and mind-bending puzzles in a single package. Set in the afterlife’s Land of the Dead, players fill the shoes of Manny Calavera, the most charismatic skeleton you’ll ever meet. As a travel agent, his job is to ferry departed souls into the Ninth Underworld. Not as easy as it seems, of course! Aside from troublesome customers, he’ll have to contend with conspiracies and other unexpected plot twists. Thankfully, Grim Fandango has been remastered for the new era, so you can get the game without complications. Now’s your chance to see what all the fuss was about!

29. Rebel Galaxy

An action-packed space simulation RPG, Rebel Galaxy charges you with exploring a galaxy filled with aliens, pirates, planets, anomalies, artifacts, asteroids, and more. How you play the game is your choice. Want to make money the legal way? Ply your wares as an honest space trader. Want to hunt down bounties for glory? Blast enemies from the sky as a privateer. Negotiate with alien factions, or put them to the torch. Purchase and upgrade a diversity of spacecraft, from sleek speedsters to behemoths armed to the teeth. With so much freedom and a variety of things to do, Rebel Galaxy proves itself as one of the best PC games of 2015.

28. Resident Evil HD Remaster

Resident Evil HD Remaster traps you in a gigantic mansion infested with zombies and an assortment of other nightmarish creatures. As either Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield of the S.T.A.R.S. police force, you’ve got weapons and ammunition to defend yourself with. But nothing lasts forever – especially bullets. So pick your fights wisely, lest you become a zombie snack. The game that started the survival horror craze, now in glorious HD – easily one of the best PC games of 2015.

27. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

Top-down shooter Hotline Miami turned obscene violence into an art form. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number completes the bloody saga and adds more playable characters, masks, and abilities – not to mention even more blood and gore. Crash through the door with your guns blazing, and watch your enemies explode into a shower of gooey bits and bloody paste. Exhibit your interior decoration skills as you carpet the floor with your foes’ intestines, and paint the walls with their brains. Everything from shotguns to chainsaws are at your disposal, so use them to lay waste to all who oppose you! As action-packed as it is gory, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is a clear favorite with fans, and one of the best PC games of 2015.

26. Age of Wonders III: Eternal Lords

Age of Wonders III: Eternal Lords is the expansion pack to an already excellent turn-based fantasy strategy war game.  In addition to the original six races, you can now also play the frigid Frostlings, and the cat-like Tigrans. The new Necromancer class is all about raising the dead and spreading plagues. There are also new units, mechanics, and stories. Of course, the core game is even better than it originally was. You still get to pick a leader who evolves, RPG-style; the world remains large and a joy to explore; and you can use a variety of tactics, such as diplomacy and the exploitation of resources, to achieve victory. A must for fans of strategy and fantasy alike.

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