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Gamers decide.
Gamers decide.

25. Apotheon

Featuring stunning graphics emulating the art of Ancient Greece, Apotheon is a brutal action game in which you take the fight to Mount Olympus itself. The gods, you see, have abandoned mankind, which has begun to wither without divine assistance. To ensure the survival of your species, you therefore journey to the home of the gods in your goal to snatch their powers for yourself. The bloody combat will have you cutting down mythological creatures, roaming the vast open world to meet legendary characters, and finding divine treasures. One of the best PC games of 2015, and – because of its faithfulness to Greek Mythology – it’s educational, too!

24. The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth

After his mother hears God demanding that she sacrifice Isaac to him, Isaac flees and descends into the basement. What he discovers is nothing he ever anticipated: dungeons filthy with blood and poop. Here, dangerous creatures roam, such as his lost siblings, who have been transformed into grotesque monstrosities. The expansion to The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth offers hundreds of hours of additional gameplay, meaning countless new rooms, monsters, bosses, weapons, items, and more. In this roguelike action game, Isaac uses a variety of weapons to explore thousands of procedurally generated rooms. Expect blood by the bucketfuls, and sights so horrid they’ll tattoo themselves into your brain.

23. Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty

In this game, you assume the role of poor Abe, who was content waxing floors in Oddworld’s largest meat processing factory – until he discovered a devious scheme to transform the plant’s slave labor population into meaty snacks. As you flee your oppressors, you’ll have to avoid getting mashed into a pulp by meat grinders and ending up in the stomach of ravenous monsters . Not to mention there are hundreds of guards who’ll shoot you on sight, so make sure to practice those bullet-dodging skills! There are ancient ruins to explore, perilous caves to delve into, and precious secrets to unearth in this exhilarating action platformer.

22. Her Story

There is literally nothing quite like Her Story in the video game industry right now, and that becomes fairly obvious upon watching the trailer. No fancy CG, no bad guys to kill, only a real woman, played by the talented Viva Seifert, speaking to someone off-camera. Her Story is a mystery game which challenges you to solve a missing person case by scrutinizing police interviews with the said woman. There are loads of clips to be found in the database, and the more you watch, the more you can piece together clues to what really happened. Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds; there is more than one way to interpret the information you glean from the woman, and the story itself is one big puzzle. An excellent interactive movie, crime thriller, and mystery game all rolled into one atmospheric and boldly innovative package.

21. Hand of Fate

A unique take on the collectible card genre, Hand of Fate tasks you with building decks of cards, which are then used to create dungeons for you to conquer. This action RPG features ever-changing worlds, infinite possibilities, and quests that will challenge your every skill. Countless treasures and encounters await as you explore the depths of your creations. And at the end of every adventure lies the master of each suit: the Jack, the Queen, and the King. So don that armor and choose your weapons wisely, because there are monsters to slay, and your destiny to decide.

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