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Gamers decide.
Gamers decide.

20. DiRT Rally 

Experience the thrills of racing through the toughest terrains in the racing simulation DiRT Rally. Everything from snow-covered to muddy tracks are represented, each offering a unique set of challenges. Your car is affected by the environment; speeding on dirt is a different beast from driving on a rain-drenched tarmac. Vehicles can be damaged too, so sound strategy and the judicious handling of your ride is paramount. Aside from its gritty realism, the game also features car customization, team management, regular online challenges, real-world tracks and automobiles, over 70 stages, and more. One of the best PC games of 2015 – especially if you love motorsports!

19. Dying Light

Parkour’s always exciting in video games. It’s even more exciting when you’ve got dozens of zombies chasing your tail! Dying Light tasks you with exploring an enormous open world filled with shambling undead eager to munch on your face. During the day, you run around scavenging for supplies while dodging danger; during the night, survival takes center stage as zombies grow more aggressive and strong, and grotesque nocturnal predators enter the hunting grounds in search of fresh prey. The game comes with various features, including 4-player co-op, and even a mode that lets you play as a zombie.

18. Invisible, Inc.

As a member of Invisible, Inc., you are a master of stealth. Select a variety of 10 agents, then infiltrate some of the shadiest corporations using teamwork and precision. Outsmart hordes of enemy soldiers, cut through high tech defense systems, dodge enemy bullets, snipe targets from afar, and more in a slew of randomly generated worlds. One of the best PC games of 2015!

17. Grow Home

It’s all about climbing, growing, and exploration in Grow Home. You play a robot named BUD, whose quest to save his home has him visiting an alien planet in search of special seeds to harvest. You’ll have to grow giant plants which you can ride, climb, and use as a bridge to reach hard-to-reach places… such as the sky! You’ll also find yourself adventuring through a rich variety of worlds, such as floating islands, and lands filled with strange creatures. A charmingly whimsical title from the folks at Ubisoft!

16. Black Mesa

Remember Half-Life? Oh, it’s just the game that changed the very nature of the first-person shooter, if not the entirety of gaming. Well, Black Mesa is a third-party reimagining of one of the most important PC games of all time. And we have good news! It’s a remake that actually doesn’t suck! In fact, it’s the best way to re-experience Half-Life. Everything you loved about the original – the shooting, visuals, A.I., etc. – have been enhanced for a new generations of players. You once again play as Gordon Freeman, as you attempt to survive Black Mesa Research Facility after it gets inundated by murderous aliens. There are wonderful characters to meet, mutants to disintegrate, and an engrossing story to experience. Clearly one of the best PC games of 2015.

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