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Power changes everything
Power changes everything

10. Collector's Edition Trailer

The collector’s edition of any game is often considered the holy grail for serious collectors. The Advanced Warfare collector’s edition not only comes with a bevy of goodies, ranging from a season’s pass to digital content, but the box itself comes in a nice, steel case. Perfect if you want to show off just how fat your wallet is!

11. Championship Trailer

Sometimes, video games can make heroes of us, and the Call of Duty franchise has produced its fair share of legends.

Welcome to the eSports scene, where the best Call of Duty players face off in some of the most explosive digital showdowns on the planet. Hailing from six continents all over the world, 32 of the best teams gather for the honor of top team.

The championship trailer doubles as a tribute to these players’ skill and dedication, as well as an indication of just how meaningful the franchise is to the gaming world.

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