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The Rooks
Let's wake them up, shall we?


Left Hook

It's gonna hurt.

Former titles tell players to avoid enemy detection as much as possible since being noticed might cause your mission to fail and fighting a number of reinforcements can overwhelm you since assassins usually work alone.

However, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’s gameplay brings the inevitability of engaging into face-to-face combat. In cases that your stealth maneuver didn’t work or you’re confronting an enemy leader, you definitely need to abandon stealth and fight it out.

Jacob excels in melee combat, equipping his brass knuckles for good measure. He can deliver punishing blows and combos to his opponent before ending it with a straight hook or a gunshot, perform evasive moves especially when he faces someone armed with an edged weapon, and intelligently relocate within the fight so his reinforcements can aid him if possible.

Fights become more realistic too; when Jacob alone is facing a group, all of the enemies may attack at the same time, unlike the former games where the AI can be a little dumb and take turns in the assault.


One down, more to go.

Gang fights is a new feature included in the upcoming title. Jacob is a leader of a gang himself, and you will be able to recruit followers who will join you in such mob fights later in the game. In this situation, crowd control tactics fare better since taking out enemies one by one could leave you open to consecutive attacks.

Gaining control of the crowd would be the best option to take: using diversions such as explosions, using hallucinogenic smoke to stir confusion, or stunning them to buy time for a counterattack.

There would be more to see when the playable demo would be accessible at the European tour this June.

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