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 Batman Arkham Knight: 10 Reasons Why You'll Love It
The Riddler is one of the villains who you'll be facing.

4. Returning Faces

Smoke and Death Cake? 

Batman is not just the coolest superhero: he has the coolest enemies. One thing we know is the Joker won’t be returning; if you haven’t played Arkham City I would suggest you -play it to find out why! But the Joker is not the be all and end all, and Arkham Knight is going to go to town, bringing in the heaviest list of baddies in an Arkham game yet.


All of the best baddies all rolled into one game! Obviously, the Joker was on his own list but that’s just because no one will ever be as seriously cranked as he was until his dying breath. The man just oozed psycho and lunacy that few other characters will ever achieve. But his protege Harley Quinn will be back. Two-Face has his own blend of sanity and insanity that is going to challenge Batman to his core. And even previous characters like Poison Ivy: be sure that they are going to be even tougher this time around.

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