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 Batman Arkham Knight: 10 Reasons Why You'll Love It
The Riddler is one of the villains who you'll be facing.

9. The New Batmobile

The car that doubles as a tank....Gotham and baddies beware! 

That’s right….*grins from ear to ear* a car we can upgrade! While I am not always a fan of driving mechanics for PC games, but there is no doubt that cool stunts and crazy driving will be within the realm of everyones "to-do" list, even for those of us without steering wheel controllers. The other thing about this Batmobile is it will have many skins which you can download or earn: even the Wal-Mart edition of the games comes with a prototype car.

"You'll never take me alive coppers!!!!!"

The skill tree for the Batmobile allows you to hone certain aspects of the vehicle! Sort of like Need For Speed and other similar games: imagine a Batman Pimp My Ride. New threads, new ride, so much new rubber, how is this game not going to be awesome! 

Look at those big sexy guns! I want to get my hands on that... 

The Batman Arkham Knight website has an up and running preview and explorer for the Batmobile if you haven’t seen it yet I would highly recommend you check it out to get those pre-game juices flowing!

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