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Time for the ultimate clash

11. Double Dragon Neon

Martial Arts brothers Billy Lee and Jimmy Lee join forces to rescue Marian from the Shadow Warriors gang.  The evil Super-Lich Skullmageddon is out to destroy them and will use his shadow warriors to do so.

Taking on the classic Double Dragon series, players become the two brothers in this side-scrolling fighting game.  Keeping the nostalgic feel, the game has designated moves with different buttons, from the evasion button to the standard punch and kick buttons.  Evading enemies at the right moment will allow a brief boost in attacks.  Replenish health with soda pop, and buy items from the shop.  Special mixtapes, item drops found in the, game, allow for special power attacks.

In two-player mode, Billy and Jimmy can make use of the special “high-five” technique to share their life meter, splitting it in equal amounts.  Or be a jerk and “psych” your friend out to harm them and make them fall over, or instantly trigger the same effect of avoiding enemies. 

Enter the dragon with powerful special moves


12. Tekken 7

The next installment in the Tekken series comes with a slew of new features.  Returning characters like the evil Akuma come with all new moves from previous games, giving veterans and newcomers alike a new feel for their fighters.  New features to the fighting include the Rage Arts and Power Crush.

The Rage Arts are powerful attacks that only become available when health is low.  Their health bar glows red, allowing players to tap into unbridled fury.  Triggering this ability allows the fighter to make a last ditch effort to come back.  Powerful super moves that if they connect deal monumental damage with a flashy, cinematic show.

Meanwhile the Power Crush moves are special attacks that will not be interrupted if the opponent hits them mid-move.  It keeps the player invulnerable, although they can still take damage during the animation of the move’s execution.  It is believed that the move will execute even if the health bar almost reaches zero.

Currently, Tekken 7 is in development, and is expected to be released sometime early next year.

It is a fight of good versus evil with Gouken and Akuma


13. Zeno Clash

In the fictional world of Zenozoik, a young man named Ghat regains consciousness after an explosion killed his hermaphroditic creature that raised him as a parent.  Ghat must go on the run as his brothers and sisters seek to kill him.

New close combat mechanics bring a new standard from the traditional action first-person fantasy adventure game.  The system allows for players to perform a variety of movements.  Deflect and elude combos, knockback punishes, and punishing grab attacks make for a fantastic experience.  And as the game progresses, players can learn new attacks to take on more formidable enemies.  It is not just hand-to-hand combat with a feature of strange weaponry.  The game features eccentric tools of destructions built from junk and other scraps.

Players can add the Clash Model Pack for Garry’s Mod, which includes 70 models and characters for the popular Source Engine.  Due to the success of the game, the developers have created the sequel Zeno Clash 2 with a supercharged combat engine.

Fight strange creatures with stranger weapons


14. The Takeover

Inspired by the old arcade games of old like Streets of Rage, this game takes the role of the classic 2D-Sicescroller beat ‘em up.  Button mashing enables for extended combos to deal punishment to the enemies.  Toss the enemies around for a momentary stun.  When fists and kicks are not enough, items are littered around in boxes.  Smash the crates and pick up things like a gun to fight from afar.

The game is currently in early access as it continues to be developed and perfected.  New game modes are available along with different characters.

That classic fighting feel in the modern era


15. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Taking place 150 years in the future, global war has ravaged the earth.  The human race has been nearly eradicated.  Rogue robots plague the world, machines from an era long ago.  With them they carry their prime directive, the extinction of humans.

In this third-person adventure game, players take on the role of a character that goes by the name of Monkey.  The character uses a staff that works as a close combat weapon and a long range projectile.  Taking on two forms, the staff has ammunition in the form of cylinders.  Orange cylinders are used for blast damage while blue are for stunning enemies.  The staff can also be charged to utilize the stuff attack in close combat.  When facing off against various robots, Monkey can perform finishing moves that make use of the weapons belonging to his mechanized foe.  Tearing off a turret makes quick work of the bucket of bolts.  To absorb damage, he can also make use of his force shield, but requires a recharge so it must be used sparingly.

In the premium edition of the game, the downloadable content is included.  It includes new characters and new skins like Ninja Monkey and Sexy Trip.

Fast-paced fighting to take down the machines


16. Sleeping Dogs

Wei Shen is arrested when a drug deal goes south.  In jail, he is introduced to the Triad and is offered to enter their ranks upon his release.  In actuality, Shen is an informant, and his arrest was staged to help infiltrate the Sun On Yee’ Triad.

The melee combat system has been compared to the Batman Arkham games.  Players utilize a mixture of attacks, grapples, and countermoves to take on enemies.  The three commands can be chained together with movement to create a fluid attack sequence.  Make use of the environment by dragging enemies to certain objects, and finish them off using whatever is lying around.  Weapons are also available, such as knives and tires, but break after so many uses so cannot be used endlessly.  Players can also perform the Action Hijacks while driving.  This causes the character to leap from the vehicle to steal another and attack whoever is in the driver’s seat.  In combat, the player can take cover to recover health.

The Deluxe Edition is available with all 24 downloadable content, including additional story like “Year of the Snake” and the horror-themed “Nightmare in Northpoint”.

Chase down your target in this high-octane action game


17. Shaolin vs. Wutang

This game is currently in early access as developers make changes based on player input.

In this one-on-one indie fighting game, motion capture animation offers realistic melee and weapon combat that holds true to the classic 80’s Kung Fu films.  All moves in the combat system are based off of real fighting styles in martial arts, and are accompanied by the same fighting sound affects we hear from Hollywood.  Fourteen characters are available, each taught in different Kung Fu techniques that gives them a variety of moves and combos.  The game offers single player and local co-op to give that nostalgic feel.

Different characters come with their own martial arts move pool


18. Real BoxingTM

It is time to lace up your gloves for the most realistic, no holds barred boxing experience.  Motion capture infuses moves from real boxers into the game, making every hook and every jab feel incredible.

Train your fully customizable boxer as you seek the road of glory in the career mode, or spar against other players across the globe in multiplayer mode.  Fight for the belt against twenty different opponents each with their own unique fighting style.  Train your boxer using the same methods real boxers use, from skipping rope to hitting the heavy bag.  Select from a pool of real world moves and techniques to create your own champion.  Continue through career mode to unlock items to customize your fighter.  From the ascetics from hair and tattoos to the equipment needed to deliver the that finishing blow.

There is content exclusive to those who purchase the game on steam.  Play and earn the Ring Girl trading cards, as well as gear for your boxers.  A sequel of the popular game is currently in development.

Feel the pain in the most realistic boxing game


19. Injustice: God Among Us

In an alternate reality, the Joker tricks Superman into killing Lois Lane and their unborn child.  The crazed clown then destroys Metropolis with a nuclear weapon, killing millions.  In retribution for the death of his love and child, Superman kills the Joker.  He then establishes a unified world government where he is the leader and establishes marshal law upon the world.  A war breaks out between Superman and the other heroes.

Put on the tights and the capes, and step into the role as one of the mighty defenders of Earth.  The heroes and villains have their own fighting style and special attacks for unique matchups.  Gameplay uses a four-button layout with light, medium, and heavy attacks alongside traits for each character.  Stages also play a role in the fighting.  Striking an opponent off the stage will trigger a transition animation to a new stage while dishing out some extra damage.  Players need to fill the Super Meters in order to execute special moves and counter opponent’s attacks.

In the game, the roster of playable characters falls within one of two classes.  The first is the Power Class that relies on brute strength and abilities to defeat their foe.  Characters like Superman fall into this class.  Others are dubbed in the Gadget Class, who use weapons, items, or any other external mechanism to win.  Someone like the frailer figured Joker would be categorized as such.

The Ultimate Edition is available which includes all the downloadable content that is available.  The content included new skins for various characters as well as additional characters to be played including Scorpion from the Mortal Combat series.

Superman is not holding back anymore


20. Skullgirls

In the war-torn land of Canopy Kingdom, several groups seek to obtain an artifact known as the Skull Heart.  It is said that once every seven years the heart grants a wish, but if the wisher has an impure heart, it will transform them into a monster known as a Skullgirl.

The fighting game incorporates a tag-team based combat system.  Build the perfect team of one to three fighters from among fifteen playable characters.  Team play is balanced so that numbers do not give the advantage.  Single fighters have more health while three have it split among them, but can dish out tag team attacks.  The Skullgirls fight using assists, snapbacks, and hyper combos to tear apart their opponents.  And then finish off the foe with a cinematic special attack known as the Block Busters.

Each fighting style of the Skullgirl depends on the parasite she is possessed with.  These entities are creatures that have bonded with their hosts and form a symbiosis with them.  Often these creatures manifest themselves in the Skullgirl’s hair, like the fighter Squigly and her parasite called Leviathan.  With her parasite, she specializes in long range attacks.  Comparatively, the deranged doctor Valentine does not utilize her parasite, and instead uses quick ninja-like movements coupled with rapid combos to make up for her low damage output.

Crazy colorful characters each with their own way of killing


21. King of Fighters XIII

Fighter Ash Crimson has absorbed the power of two descendants of the clans that sealed Orochi away 1,800 years ago.  As his former friend tries to stop him, fighters receive an invitation to another King of Fighters tournament hosted by a person labeled only as “R”.

Another installment in the 2D versus fighting game series, where players can choose from up to 36 different characters, each with their own fighting style and super abiliies.  Team up in three-on-three battles, creating the ultimate team with over seven thousand possible combinations.  Develop strategy by picking the best fighters that best fit your gameplay experience.  After completing the expansive, novel-like storyline, jump online to face fighters across the globe.

For PC users, the game also features downloadable characters at the start of the game.  Joining the roster of fighters are Iori with the Power of Flames, NESTS Style Kyo, and Mr. Karate.

Make a team of three for the ultimate tag-team experience

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