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Time for the ultimate clash

22. Mortal Kombat X

Two years have passed since the last Mortal Kombat tournament, Johnny Cage and others coordinate a battalion to protect Jinsei from the forces of Shinnok who has been manipulating the events of Mortal Kombat.

Fans of the series get returning gameplay with new elements mixed in.  For the the first time in the series, players are able to choose from several variations of a single character, which changes up the style of certain special attacks while keeping the core fighting style.  The game also features the return of the X-Ray cam which show how much punishment you are putting on your opponent during fights.  Another first for the game is the introduction of the Stamina Meter.  Certain actions like blocking causes the meter to deplete, forcing players to adjust their play style.  The Super Meter makes a return, which can be filled through taking damage or dishing out special moves.  Filling the bars allow for enhanced moves and even the X-Ray attack, which acts like a super move that deals big damage to the opponent.

Additional downloadable content is available in the Premium Edition.  The content features new characters and skins for existing fighters.

“Get over here!” with stunning visuals


Power.  We desire power.  That is what players want in a good fighting game.  A feeling of power, something we could not muster in the real world.  Even in some cases where the game is realistic, players cannot actually use that power without dire consequences.  These games come as an outlet to get that amazing feeling of fighting against the best, constantly testing our skills as he button-mash the controller/keyboard to victory.


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