The Most Amazing Free FPS Games To Play Right Now (2019 Edition)

free FPS games
Discover the best free fps games you can play today.

What Are The Best Free FPS Games To Play Today?

In this article, we'll reveal the best fps games that you can for free.

17. Hellbound: Survival Mode

Sate your lust for carnage with an endless stream of enemies.

Hellbound: Survival Mode Gameplay

Go back to a time where “gameplay was King”, in this demonic first-person gorefest.

Hellbound introduces us to HellGore a man obsessed with “B.ig F.reaking G.uns” and trapped within a hellish arena to blow through endless hordes of hellions until his scheduled disembowelment. Maniacally battle your way through purgatory to engrave your name in the leaderboards and show who is the greatest champion from hell.

Hellbound wastes no time planting you in your demonic prison and trickling in the sheep to your slaughter. No tutorials or tooltips here, just your enemies and your own sense of carnage. The game offers six weapons, from your bare-hands to a rocket launcher, and graciously drops pick-ups as well as power-ups periodically throughout each of the intense waves. Simple controls and extremely fluid and satisfying gunplay, this game strives to pull you in and urges you to lose yourself to the blood fountains and raining gibs. And best of all: No reloading necessary!

As beautiful as it is, however, I would recommend turning down the graphic detail a notch or two or you may begin to suffer frame-rate drops after approximately 30 minutes of play when the game is hurling so many corpses at you that you have since stopped paying attention to where you are shooting but rather what pick-ups there are on the ground so you don’t die.

What stands out:

  • IT’S GROTESQUE! Glorious sound and visuals

  • Authentic ‘90s shooter

Hellbound: Survival Mode Download

Beautiful bloody chaos

Take on all kinds of vile monstrosities

16. Fistful of Frags

When in doubt, kick 'em in the shins.

Fistful of Frags Gameplay

Grab your side iron, pass the whiskey, and saddle up for this humorously difficult arena-shooter. Fistful of Frags will train your trigger finger while simultaneously testing your ability to innovate. Shoot a guy with your last shot, throw your pistol at him, then promptly kick him down the stairs, this wild and reckless shooter is good ol’ Western fun. If you have been following Source engine over the past few years you may have already heard of this one, Fistful of Frags is a game that was renewed and released as a standalone project in 2014. This wild and reckless shooter is good ol’ Western fun.

With 34 different maps in total over ten game modes, Fistful of Frags offers a palette for varied fun over hours of gameplay as you enter countless scuffles with your fellow riff-raff. Hop into a match and choose from eight standard weapons complimented by eleven special weapons, nine unique abilities, and the rare ability to choose the handedness of your character.

Each weapon, ability, and handedness have different points which limit what you are able to choose for your loadout; however, each and every option is a riot, from brass knuckles with a chance to disarm, the slow-firing but no-reload-needed bow, or a powerful but low capacity sawed-off. Moreover, much of the environment is interactable and will have you throwing tables and chairs and kicking explosive barrels in order to catch your enemy unawares.

What stands out:

  • Only Cowboy FPS on the market

  • Historical black gunpowder-based weapons

> Fistful of Frags download

Two guns are better than one

Sometimes, there is a more “subtle” approach

15. No More Room in Hell

"When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth."

No More Room In Hell Gameplay

You will want to keep your wits about you as are dropped into this dark and gritty zombie-survival game where the world is a hopeless land of meandering corpses. Teamwork comes first in this Source mod turned standalone, you will watch each other’s’ backs with up to eight players all fighting to survive and complete your objects before you are either overrun or run out of supplies.

For this game, the developers wanted to focus on making a zombie-survival game that trumped the realism offered in other titles of similar theme. This game provides an extremely limited UI replaced with more visual and auditory clues to grab and immerse you in the struggle of surviving. They wanted you to feel the horror of unexpectantly running out of ammo or the gut reaction to abandoning a position as you can no longer quell the herd of moaning corpses. Subtle and eerie music, dark corners, distant gunfire, and the ever-encroaching moans of your diseased enemies will haunt your around every corner.

Ammo may be scarce but there is not lack of variety of arms, with over 30 different weapons you will be able to take out your frustrations on those brainless dead with tire irons, SMGs, grenades, or even chainsaws if you are really looking to blow off some steam. So, turn your brightness up a notch (the game is a little dark, really) and join the struggle while we all wait for No More Room In Hell 2 projected for early 2019.

What stands out:

  • Dynamic Objective Maps ensure no game plays the game

  • Many different zombies: walkers, runners, crawlers, etc.

No More Room in Hell Download

Do whatever it takes to survive

Few UI elements

14. Heroes & Generals

In this game of chess, every piece can make a difference.

Heroes & Generals Gameplay

Whether you prefer the chaos and heroics of the frontlines or lending your strategic brilliance by studying and planning against the enemy, this WW2 inspired first-person shooter puts you in the boots of a soldier fighting a war on three-fronts between the US Military, the Soviet Union, and the troops of Germany. Heroes & Generals thrusts you into a world that will evolve and change with the efforts of the players whether in victory or defeat.

Developers Reto-Moto wanted to push the idea that this game would function on two fronts and feels like two different games all contributing to one massive world. You will pick your war, your faction, and then you will start as a lowly soldier and climb the chain of command moving from battle to battle as you upgrade your gear, unlock vehicles, and eventually earn the right to stand above the rest and make decisive orders following your promotion to rank 12;  you are thrust into an entirely different game with different rules and stipulations much farther reaching than you overlooking that sniper the other game.

The game is beautifully modeled and rendered from the vehicles to the weapons and there is no lack of variety as you storm various different locations while utilizing over 20 different vehicles and over 60 different weapons spread across the three factions. Gunplay is smooth and the damage unforgiving, so every unit has its moment of true vulnerability. So, pick up your rifle and hold the front lines, mow down enemies from the mount of a vehicle, or take to the skies and rain down devastating power from above.

While this is a phenomenal game it clings onto mechanics that emphasize grinding for hours on end or forking over the money to get equipment faster. The community is slowly shrinking, and it is not absurd to assume that is why. As with all shooters of ambitious goals and surprising talent, we will have to wait and see what happens.

What stands out:

  • Authentic weapons and vehicles such as the legendary German Panzer V Ausf G

  • Participate in a persistent tactical world

Heroes & Generals Download

The strategic map

The chaos of war

13. Survarium

We betrayed Nature. Now she wants her revenge.

Survarium Gameplay

Arm yourself and take to the irradiated wastelands of Chernobyl in a fight to survive and defend yourself. A mutation has infected the flora and fauna and the very forest is deadly hazard. Survarium throws you into this barren wasteland pitting you against deadly and vicious wildlife, treacherous traps, and the looming threat of the living gone mad.

Survarium was released to Early Access in 2015 as a post-apocalyptic first-person shooter where players could duke it out in the irradiated and overgrown remains of Chernobyl. Through matches your gather experience points and can spend points to develop your character down different distinctive roles such as a stealthy Scout or a fast moving and devastating Punisher. Each point you earn can be spent however you like allowing vast amounts of character customization. You will also level skills and acquire new equipment with a variety of over 60 unique weapons and attachments available for your weapons. All weapons and equipment can be upgraded and modified to suit your needs and give you a fair degree of customizability for you character and loadouts.

Most fans of this game, or the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, were looking forward to the PvE portion of this game and while they are happy to play the PvP, because it is enjoyable, players are losing faith in the developers implementing a full PvE experience. That aside, the PvP offers hours of experience with six different game modes and nine gorgeously rendered maps.

What stands out:

  • Travel the apocalyptic wasteland that is Chernobyl

  • Simultaneously level four classes

Survarium Download

Gorgeous environments

Take cover or get dead

12. Block N Load

A sandbox battleground where almost anything is possible.

Block N Load Gameplay

Go anywhere, build anywhere; protect your base and destroy the enemy in any way imaginable. Form your plan utilizing spike pits, boost pad deathtraps, brilliantly placed teleporters, miniguns, bounce pads, or fake surfaces. The opportunities are endless, and no match will ever feel the same.

Block N Load is a MOBA-style, first-person shooter maximizing on the tile-based sandbox building mechanic. That and its own quirky nature. Graphics are pushed to be charming and hilarious, driving a very cartoonish feel with “blocky” models to match the world they reside in. Characters are wild and varied with unique designs and aesthetics that make each stand out.

Nearly every tile can be destroyed, and it is possible to build on any surface available in any direction. Destroy and build under, over, around, or directly into the enemy’s base. Work with your team utilizing your unique talents such as building turrets, or respawn locations, each of the fourteen heroes have different abilities and weapons available for them to aid their team. With twenty varied maps, plenty of customizability from skins to perk pages, and innumerable ways to approach any situation, Block N Load is a brilliant and enjoyable underdog on the MOBA scene.

What stands out:

  • Masters of construction: build anywhere, anytime

  • Map Editor/User-made arenas

> Block N Load Download

Terraform the map like never before

Dominate with powerful abilities

11. Line of Sight

Go to war and look good doing it.

Line of Sight Gameplay

The world is plagued by monstrous creatures and it's your job to bring it all under control. You are launched as an agent on missions to secure objectives, resources, and destroy targets to defend and bring order back to a world being torn apart by untamable science.

Line of Sight wants to take customization to the next level from their characters to their weapons to the way you can fine tune your style of play. LoS wants you to feel like you are your own warrior and not just a cookie cutter trooper. Weapons can be personally modified to have scope, extended mags, stocks, muzzle flashes, flashlights, shotgun attachments, and more and if that was not enough you can also beef up your character with fireballs, lightning strikes, or force fields. This insane amount of customizability allows for extremely varied gameplay between players and offers hours of simply tuning and tweaking for what you really want. Take the fight to your enemies and punish them with 40 different weapons and 16 abilities as well as customizable armor, and different character skins.

While initially this game was looking to stand out from other run and gun style shooters with the addition of psionic abilities available to every player, the developers have also designed the game to play like a classic shooter without that feature implemented. They have designated three game modes in ESP, Classic, and Psionic modes. These game modes allow for either only sensory abilities to be used, no abilities at all, or open up the full arsenal into the realm of fireballs and jedi mind tricks.

Lately, in the light of preparing to be an ESports contender, Line of Sight developers are focusing on fine tuning balancing and a slew of other details to make themselves ready for the competitive scene.

What stands out

  • Over 15 psionic abilities, both lethal and supportive options

  • Extensive Clan System with advanced customization options

Line of Sight Download

Exhilarating combat

A fully customized weapon

Bonus Game: Unturned

Unturned Gameplay

This game spent three years in Early Access and was finally released in 2017. Unturned is a quirky zombie-survival game where you will struggle against creatures, the environment, and your fellow man as you fight for every day. Balance your health, food and water, as well as radiation levels. Explore massive worlds, fortify a stronghold, help society, and above all else. Stay Unturned! This game incorporates heavy survival mechanics requiring you to craft and manage everything from the tools at your disposal to the upkeep of your walls. If you are looking for a way to kill some time whether that be hunting animals, planning a raid on an NPC camp, taking a boat out to the open sea, or just taking a hike and getting lost in the lonely night, Unturned has hours of gameplay for everyone. Best of all the game is completely optimized for modding and has a brilliant community behind it.

> Unturned Download

Thin the herds

10. PlanetSide 2

A threefront civil war where no side will give an inch.

Planetside 2 Gameplay

In the near-future, on a distant world, humanity is locked in a perpetual internal conflict spanning over four distinct continents. Once a peaceful society, the humans of the newly-colonized Auraxis have split into three distinct factions each fighting for land, resources, and the freedom to govern freely. The might of your military and conquer the battlefield with an array of technology and weaponry Whether you are loyal to the fierce and militant Terran Republic, the rebellious New Conglomerate, or the transhuman Vanu Sovereignty, you stand alongside your allies and push forward to stake claim of the land you and your people deserve.

PlanetSide 2 is a first-person MMO that emphasizes tactical combat on a massive scale. Each server is a playground for up to a thousand players and each faction will utilize a combination of small and heavy arms as well as vehicle-mounted weaponry including aerial combat. Wage open warfare with over one hundred different weapons spanning across the three factions and their six classes. Tear through infantry with the MAX’s minigun and heavy armor or punch a hole in an enemy entrenchment with the rockets of a Heavy Assault. Each class, weapon, and profile can be customized with cosmetics as well as attachments to fine tune your playstyle to your liking.

Matches will be long, going on until one side overtakes the other, and losses will be aplenty and strain your loyalty. With a steep learning curve, new players will want to look to their allies for help who I found are more helpful than not (ignoring the occasional troll). PlanetSide 2 is a team game first and while it may not give you that swift jolt of adrenaline every moment when you and a small attack squad infiltrate enemy lines and completely dissolve your enemy’s resources and moral in moments it will all be worth it.

What stands out:

  • Massive confrontations. Over one thousand players on a server.

  • Adaptive world. Player actions matter

> PlanetSide 2 Download

Futuristic aesthetic and a custom paint job

Environmental sequences can create cover for both sides

9. Warface

Shoot first, ask questions later.

Warface Gameplay

Run, gun, slide, spray and get used to being shot in the back. Warface is an extremely fast-paced shooter that emphasizes itchy trigger fingers, high damage numbers, and the right amount of explosive combat that will have you feeling like Rambo as you sprint around corners and unload into anyone unlucky enough not to see you first. In Warface you waste little time with else besides choosing your weapon and rushing out again and again to soak and dump bullets.

Warface offers an absolute massive arsenal of varied weaponry from pistols to shotguns, grenades, launchers, machetes and more. These weapons are split across four classes with primary weapons being class specific such as Snipers or Engineers using SMGs as their primary. Your class choice will decide what role you play and the style in which you engage. There are two main game modes, between co-op and PvP (with Special Operations just feeling like a slightly more difficult and rewarding co-op), and in those game modes there are different win conditions such as eliminating the enemy team, holding a position, plant the bomb, etc.

Gunplay is rewarding and fair, each weapon feels different and emphasizes varied gameplay, classes add some variety without unbalancing the game, and the map size ranges from small to medium inspiring fast gameplay but offers areas for long range and slower firing weapons. This is a perfect game to sink a few hours into without worrying about much beyond the match. While there are some “in your face” pay mechanics, weapons and upgrades feel reasonably earned.

What stands out:

  • Dynamic weapon attachments – swap in-game for tactical advantages

  • Team-support actions – boost your mate to higher elevation or help them up when they are down

> Warface Download

FACE WAR head on…

PvE/Co-op boss battles

8. Toxikk


Toxikk Gameplay

Toxikk strips away what you know about the shooters of today whether you are used to cover shooting, or killstreaks, special loadouts, or characters with unique abilities. In this high-flying action-packed arena shooter, you will be dropped into winding medium sized arenas designed for your shooting pleasure. Weapons, vehicles, power ups and more spawn on the map as you play, and players will fight for the right to hold them.

Developers emphasize the slogan “Frag like it’s 1999” drawing reference from the arena shooters from an era that injected your character with enough adrenaline to constantly sprint, jump, wall run, and flip all while steadily hip firing anything from a shotgun to a flak cannon. Stand still at your own risk; while you may be able to soak more bullets than most shooters these days you are more than vulnerable to the absolute barrage of ammunition your opponent can, and will, unload into you. Toxikk keeps the equipment options short and sweet with eight unique weapons, each with primary and secondary firing functions, and two vehicles, a slow-moving mech and a fast-moving harassment machine. I recommend King of The Hill for the full experience of big guns, dynamic eagle-eyed shooting, and explosive vehicles. Other game-modes include the classics such as deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture the flag.

Toxikk, while pushing the aesthetic of the jump and gun style of play may not sit well with many players as the gameplay is hectic with almost every engagement feeling out of your control. This is its beauty and its downfall but if you love quick matches, decisive shots, and perhaps some flippy-dippy shenaniganry this is the game for you.

What stands out:

  • It all happens in the arena. No loadouts, no attachments, etc.

  • Homage to Arena FPSs of the turn of the century

> Download Toxikk

Keep moving or lose your head

The perfect arena

7. Sven Co-op

Never play Half-Life alone again.

Sven Co-op Gameplay

Half-Life fans everywhere will have already heard of this one, and if you have not then you are in for a treat. Sven Co-op is a co-operative mod released in 1999. The game takes you and a group of friends on an adventure through the classic and gritty Half-Life universe where you will encounter terrible nightmares and daunting puzzles. Arm yourself with anything you can find and blast your way through countless monstrosities, each new map will keep you guessing and looking to your allies for support.

Since its official standalone release on Steam in 2016 the game has expanded to over 100 maps and introduced user-made levels meaning anyone can go out there an attempt to create the next greatest level of Half-Life and show it off to the world. Puzzles in this game will range from the simplest assist jumps to the most complex trigger mazes all while bombarding you with enemies. Your weapon will be your best friend and Sven comes with all the original Half-Life weaponry from the iconic crowbar (with a bit of a power boost, I might add) to the freakish Hornet gun players will have plenty to make them feel safe.

What stands out:

  • Design your own adventure

  • Play Half-Life with friends!

Sven Co-op Download

Fun for the whole family

Push back the monstrosities

6. Black Squad

Black Squad Gameplay

Boldly claiming to be “the best F2P shooter on the market,” the developers of Black Squad are looking to cement that title with this military-themed modern war shooter

Over 20 weapons available for beginning players with over 50 additional weapons which can be unlocked through gameplay. The developers have ensured that every weapon is available to every player through gameplay alone; however, that is not to say that there is not a way to buy your way to the top present. It is easy enough to look past and the game does not force this one you. Be that as it may, the game feels good. Gunplay is smooth, and movement does not feel to floaty of clunky and, more importantly, guns appear roughly as strong as I would expect.

The game offers four different Mission types: Bot, Casual, Classic, and Battle. Within that there are varied game modes like team deathmatch and demolition with a slew of slightly tweaked modes for Casual players. Each game mode has its set of specific maps to ensure that the arena is appropriately sized for the number of players as well as the objective type which also helps to keep the pace of each match.

The game is in early access and showing promise. Servers appear to be powerful and consistent (I experienced few issues even when connecting to EU servers) and I have yet to notice any hacker hocus pocus thus far. I suspect time will tell but my hopes are high for Black Squad.

What stands out:

  • Amazing netcode for seamless connectivity

  • Currently upheld: Absolutely no Pay-to-Win

> Download Black Squad

A beautiful skin for a beautiful weapon

A showdown

5. Dirty Bomb

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Dirty Bomb Gameplay

In Dirty Bomb you are a mercenary following the widespread terror of an epidemic. A devastating bomb was detonated and is spreading toxic gas contaminating the city air and filling the streets. Join either the Central Disaster Authority to fix the mess and cover it up or join the syndicate, known as Jackal, to maintain the spread of the gas. London has since devolved into a violent and unpredictable city with armed militants and deadly gas plaguing the streets. Fight to save the city of London or profit off troubled times in this colorful character-based objective-oriented shooter.

In a style similar to what we see in MOBAs, Dirty Bomb presents us with an array of unique characters with various abilities and skill sets that provide them strengths and weaknesses typically versus other characters or particular situations. The developers believe that making the game around completing objectives as a team brings a degree of skill to the game that ensures that players do not simply dominate because of the weapon that they are carrying. Five different classes with 3 or more characters per class ensure that there is room for you to play and find your niche whether that be Stoker’s patented napalm grenade, Rhino’s unlimited minigun, or Aimee’s debilitating Snitch device. While 23 characters can be a bit of a daunting task for a new player to figure out, Dirty Bomb allows you to choose three for each match allowing you to swap them about between deaths.

Two game modes spread over nine maps is not exactly endless gameplay, but the competitive nature and variety of abilities and weapons does provide hundreds of hours of fun. You will be introduced to over 40 different weapons including katanas and revive guns, which will all be unlockable through gameplay as you duck, dive, and wall jump for cover between kills.

What stands out:

  • Over 20 distinct mercenaries

  • Free-to-Win progression system ensuring skill beats money

> Download Dirty Bomb

Gotchu in my sights, fool

On a bit of a spree

4. America's Army: Proving Grounds

Gather you squad and train to defend your country.

America's Army: Proving Grounds Gameplay

Become a soldier in the U.S. Army!

Fully funded by the United States government America's Army: Proving Grounds is a first-person combat simulator built to assist soldiers for military service. Use authentic U.S. weaponry such as the M4A1 Carbine, the M249 SAW, or the M9A1 Pistol in this unforgiving tactical shooter that will have you taking cover and calling out targets the whole way through.

Proving Grounds is a compact game sporting a short list of five game modes, sixteen unique weapons, not including the four different grenades, and can lack variety at times. Even though the game shows off over 40 different maps you will grow used to them rather quickly.

You and a team of four other players will work together to storm objectives whether that be placing bombs at strategic points or securing a VIP you will be forced to think tactically and work as a team against your opponents. Games are defined by quick-hitting firefights where one wrong move or hesitation will drop you dead. Players of the game are incentivized to use headsets and microphones for easy communication to call out targets and contribute to team planning. Matches are extremely short lived with no respawns and each player only carrying a single medkit to assist either themselves or a teammate during the round.

As a simulator, this game does nothing fancy in the way of graphics or animations but shines in its crisp and responsible gameplay and how a tactical approach can make our break your contribution to your team.

What stands out:

  • You are a U.S. Army Soldier
  • Teamwork is Critical

> Download America's Army: Proving Grounds

Line up the shot

Always support your allies

3. Evolve Stage 2

Prove to the world that you are the apex predator.

Evolve: Stage 2 Gameplay

#saveEvolve! If you have not heard of it, Evolve is an award winning game that brought us the first tastes of a game that constantly pit four players against one other player in a match to dominate the treacherous battleground through careful techniques and keen wit. Call up a couple friends and take turns turning one another to fertilizer in this savage asymmetrical multiplayer that takes competitive play to a new playground.

In Evolve, Humans have begun colonizing other planets and have landed on Shear. None-too-surprisingly, the planet is home to extremely hostile creatures who would like to have a word or two about human culture and architecture. Humanity came prepared, however, calling upon Hunters with the skills and equipment to eviscerate hostile alien lifeforms. All jokes aside, Monsters and Hunters each have devastating classes and abilities available such as the Hunters’ Cloaking Device or the Monster’s ability to vanish and create Decoys. Gameplay has expanded to five different game modes each pitting the sides against one another in a race to complete the objective or destroy the other in an all-out brawl. The game also incorporates 19 maps spanning across unique and masterfully rendered locales from abandoned mining facilities to remote corners of the jungle.

A number of updates to the game seek to breath some new life into it. Developers have overhauled balance on the teams with adjustments to health regen and ability timers, etc. which has also served to solve another potential issue of matches creeping by because the Monsters would end up fighting like they really were from a 1970s sci-fi thriller. The game rewards all players for each match they play based on the amount of damage they have done and/or whether the objective was completed. This allows for both teams involved to gain experience based on their performance evenly. Every new character, equipment, and unlock can be done so through gameplay so get back out their hunters and beasts and let’s tear each other apart!

What stands out:

  • Asymmetrical multiplayer
  • Savage Planet: even the flora is deadly

> Download Evolve Stage 2

Always be prepared

Upgrades, abilities, and more

2. Ironsight

Can't stop, won't stop. Ceaseless, knee-jerk action.

Ironsight Gameplay

Fast-paced, hard-hitting, and rage-inducing, Ironsight is a lighting fast future military first-person shooter sporting dynamic combat zones with destructible paths and interactive elements. This game emphasizes movement, quick scopes, fast fingers, and keen awareness as you are pit against another team in a race to points. Rack up those kill streaks and blow your enemies a new one; Join either the NAF or Eden in a war of the corporations for new and advanced resources.

Ironsight has precise and smooth gameplay which supports its fast pace and keeps the adrenaline pumping. Everything appears polished and optimized for quick matches that leave you wanting more. To bring a fresh taste to the game and more chances for tactical maneuvers, the developers introduced an array of drones capable of being earned and deployed in combat giving your many tactical advantages over your enemies. Tactical drones can highlight enemies, attack drones provide suppression fire or fire seeking missiles. Kill streaks are how you obtain these advantages to further incentive the player to play fast and aggressively while using environment and escape tactics to stay alive

This game is reminiscent of quick match style shooters from the early 2000s and that is to its benefit. It is clean and competitive and even has its own ESports event if you are looking for a relatively new scene to bust into.

What stands out:

  • Over 100 weapons and modifications
  • Dynamic weather and destructible maps

> Download Ironsight

Double kill!

Causing some mayhem

1. Paladins

And so the MOBA wars continue.

Paladins Gameplay

The MOBA shooter’s latest addition to the community, Paladins is a science fantasy-themed shooter placing you in the shoes of one of many outrageous and powerful Champions on varied battlefields for glory. With the choice of an outstanding 30 character, and more to come, Paladins will send you on a power trip whether you are debilitating your enemies with poison spores, dropping buckets of damage with rockets from above, or sneaking behind enemy lines to harass their flank, you will not want to give Paladins a rest until you are the reigning Champion.

Paladins incorporates a Card system which allows you to begin matches with different loadouts for different results regarding your Champions skills and abilities, some providing cooldown reduction, armor penetration, etc. All Cards can be unlocked and leveled up. Builds can create a drastic change in the way a Champion works for instance emphasizing the life drain on an ability to compensate for low defense or focusing on abilities that regenerate your spent ammunition enabling you to fight on while others seek supplies.

Paladins is light-hearted and based on quick-decisive gameplay. It has tons of customizability through character skins and icons and even in how you build your Champion. All the mechanics this game presents come together to create something that is enjoyable engagement after engagement.

What stands out:

  • Diverse and vibrant Champions
  • Build your deck – deckbuilding system to customize abilities and playstyles

> Download Paladins 

Dozens of heroes

Devastate the enemy team

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