The 17 Best Tank Games 2017

best tank games 2017
Experience the explosive power of these mech monsters.

The Best Tank Games To Play in 2017

On September 15, 1916, in the midst of the First World War, Britain unleashed their mechanical behemoths, the British Mark I, the first tank involved in warfare. Their introduction has changed warfare forever.

Their power and destructive capabilities impressed and inspired military combat. Their destructive power awed people worldwide, and eventually to game developers, who created games surrounding these mechanical beasts that continue to captivate people to their brutality.

Battlefield 1 (2016) Tank’s devastating power, fill your enemy with fear as you charge towards them 

They utilize their Developing talents to create games inspired by tanks on many Platforms, but mostly on the PC. So here we present to you the Top 17 Tank Games to play on PC.

17) Armored Warfare (2015)

Armored Warfare - Tanks Reloaded Trailer

Inspired by the success of World of Tanks, decided to make their version of an MMO battle tank game set in modern day. Players can operate these battled brutes and tear across the terrain, seeking to destroy their enemy.

These tanks can be modified and upgraded to deliver the fight to the enemy. There is no cost to upgrade, just play and customize. Graphics are beautiful and the detail the Developers put into creating the environment as well as the tanks look amazing.

It's a long progress to master these behemoths, so they provide a way for Players to get used to the control in PVE (Player versus Environment). In PVE, they familiarize themselves with tank controls and combat. Then they take their tanks against other Players in a PVP (Player versus Player) match

Take your mighty beast into action and play with other Players in the Battlefield

Customization menu in Armored Tanks where you upgrade your Tank and set up your crew of your Tank

16) Battlefield 1 (2017)


Developed by EA Dice, go back in time to ww1 and experience the war on an enormous scale that is Battlefield. Participate in history and experience the Great War playing as soldiers in the Allied forces or Central Power.

Dominate the Battlefield as you ride these behemoths. Whoever controls the tanks rules the ground and those who have airplanes, rule the air. The game gives the Player a realistic experience as they use the Tank to plow through everything and everyone.

Experience the realism when operating these tanks,  and be sure to have enough manpower to drive and use the guns. You have tools to repair your tank, though you would have one less gunner. Enemy Players have the weapons and skills to take down your Tank. Therefore, work as a team to conquer and win.

Gather your team and prepare for battle

On a Moonlit night, the carnage of war is great and terrible

15) Planetside 2

PlanetSide 2 - Tank Ownage

In this MMO world, three factions fight over an alien planet known as Auraxis. Choose a faction and join the fight on the battlefield for the right to build a home.

On Auraxis, the Player can operate future tanks known as the Prowler. In these devastating behemoths, you can deal damage to infantry and other enemy Prowlers. Customize your battle tank to that is best for your combat style and the terrain.

They have enormous power, strength, and the destructive capability to handle any circumstances. They can handle any terrain and deal/take any damage.

The Three Factions that are fighting over Auraxis

Planetside 2 Prowler Tank Customization Menu

14) Star Wars Battlefront (2016)

Star Wars Battlefront AT-AT Gameplay

Take the battle to the stars and to other planets in the universe of Star Wars. Fight as the Empire or the Republic/Rebels and may the Force be with you.

Battlefront is vastly different version of its predecessor. Players can now use massive tanks known as the AT-AT as spawning locations to get closer to their target destination. There is a Multiplayer mission where the Rebels must stop the AT-AT from getting into range of the Rebel base. Though there are more limited tanks and respawn time takes a while, but once inside, these tanks dominate.

Take out other competitors’ by taking out gunners and aiming for the center of the tank. Use your fellow soldiers as extra protection from saboteurs. They need you as you need them. Your tank will always get damaged, but with a dedicated and hard-working crew, you can win the war.

The Battle on Hoth

Tank Teamwork on Hoth

13) Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017)

AT-ST madness 118 killstreak 0 deaths 

Following the destruction of the second Death Star, Commander Idem Versio leads her elite soldiers known as the Inferno Squad. The war is not over until she says it's over.

A new war is about to begin. There is so much to expect from this game as the Developers bring back the classic tanks from the first Battlefront series.

Withstand damage dealt to you and deal it right back.

Fight alongside Kylo Ren on Starkiller

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