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Dark Souls 3: 10 New Things Fans Would Love To See

3. More creativity with the bosses

LOTR Rip-off anyone?

There is so much opportunity for the bosses to just blow everyone out of the water because the bosses act as the showpiece of the Dark Souls series. When every standard enemy is as tough as a boss in any other modern game you get the feeling of accomplishment.  Heck, everyone knows that these monsters are the baddest things around because they make the old House of the Dead bosses—the ones with single pixel weak spots look like domestic bunny rabbits in comparison.

It isn't asking much for these bosses to look as mean and bad as they fight. But fans who were expecting Dark Souls II to take it to another level over the first game could feel a little disappointed. There were too many giant suits of armour, and some bosses such as the scorpion lady and the lava demon felt borderline copy and pasted from other films and games. You can't just make The Rock in The Scorpion King into a woman, and call it original: square boobs are still square.

Marching into the fire..bring it on! 

Every gamer fan has dreamt up an awesome boss at some time in their childhood - and maybe even in their adult life! Those are the sort of things that Dark Souls bosses should be imaginative and inspire the players. I mean a game with “soul” in the title better hell as ignite something inside me as a person something other than anger and resentment. I want the future bosses to be more like the bosses of Final Fantasy or Tales of Vesperia. As a seasoned gamer I want occasionally be surprised but more importantly I want to feel as though my efforts were worth it. By the time I got to the boss, I was just so over playing the game, I needed some reason to push forward but struggled to find motivation.

I hope and pray and dream and beg Namco to consider expanding their creativity! They made the newest One Piece game for goodness sake! I love it. Why did Dark Souls II have to be so great but yet so underwhelming?

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