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Dark Souls 3: 10 New Things Fans Would Love To See

7. Give me some mods

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Easier communication between fans would naturally open up the modding community for Dark Souls. Modding has always been held back, however, not by the passion of those working on mods, but by the platforms through which they are distributed. Many a player has reopened their game with new skins and levels ready to go, only to have it crash and bug the game. Steam has been successful in helpfully importing mods into games such as Skyrim in a stable manner, and also opens up the options of killer DLC since previous Dark Soul games have been fairly limited in mods.

DLC splits many fans down the line, but it allows for games to go in different directions, and with different tones expansion isn’t always good but anything that makes a game more personal is a good thing. With a strong fan community behind it, Dark Souls 3 could listen to fans' views on the initial content, before delivering DLC easily to their PCs.

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