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Dark Souls 3: 10 New Things Fans Would Love To See

8. Thicken the plot

Stop and smell the flowers.

Can I get some fries with that plot? The storyline has never been key to Dark Souls, and the addition of customisation for the character is welcome, but before the Dark Souls 3 release date, the writers could give the fans a little more background and extra motivation. The previous storytelling in Dark Souls is something which fans enjoy: it uses pacing and silence rather than heavy handed cut scenes and dialogue (which seems to be the norm of late). What sort of character would submit to the endless grind of stabbings and beheadings of the rest of the game to then flaunt around being an overpowered hero?

But that doesn't mean there aren't storylines that fans would embrace. A revenge story? A tragedy? Perhaps a love story that encompasses all these things? Who knows…? I am not a developer…all I can do is tell you what I like. Games with some form of social injustice tend to do pretty well because it pushes for a call to action. Tyrant King? Over throw that jerk! Baddies are plotting to assassinate someone important or steal something? Go back in time and steal it back. Too poor to buy decent weapons? Steal some gold.

Any of these things could fit with the atmosphere and narrative, which makes Dark Souls so successful. Dark Souls is a lot like life: you get up only to get beat back down but those who are determined prevail. So why not give the game a bit more life? Motivate me.

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