Friday the 13th: Now You Can Play as Jason Voorhees in This New Survival Horror Game: Page 4 of 7

Friday the 13th Game 2016, Horror Survival Multiplayer, Jason Voorhees Game
Who is the man behind the mask?

3. Play as Jason Voorhees!

Now you can play as the horror legend.

The upcoming Friday the 13th game gives us our first ever opportunity to step into the shoes of the infamous Jason Voorhees. Stalk and terrorize the camp counselors as you see fit! Use the classic machete, or find new and innovative ways to kill your prey. Remember, Jason is a man of opportunity, so keep an eye out for objects in the environment that can be used for particularly messy kills.

You can even unlock new skins for our favorite masked murderer! Unlock new and classic looks that will strike terror in the hearts of the poor unfortunate counselors.

Creative ways to kill with Jason Voorhees.


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