Friday the 13th: Now You Can Play as Jason Voorhees in This New Survival Horror Game: Page 5 of 7

Friday the 13th Game 2016, Horror Survival Multiplayer, Jason Voorhees Game
Who is the man behind the mask?

4. Camp Crystal Lake in All its Glory!

There is a reason they nicknamed this place Camp Blood.

Mirroring the Camp Crystal Lake from the original Friday the 13th Series, players must survive a night in the woods. This setting even comes complete with a crazed serial killer waiting to murder the counselors in the shadows.

If you are the player fortunate to be the hunter and not the hunted, you will want to pay close attention to your surroundings. Certain areas and objects will offer Jason Voorhees the opportunity to do a particularly blood cinematic kill. This game promises that these scripted kills will be spectacular, and they will show up in the end game highlight reel. Camp Crystal Lake is Jason’s playground, and it is full of opportunity. 

Take a look at some pre-alpha renders of Camp Crystal Lake.


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