Friday the 13th: Now You Can Play as Jason Voorhees in This New Survival Horror Game: Page 6 of 7

Friday the 13th Game 2016, Horror Survival Multiplayer, Jason Voorhees Game
Who is the man behind the mask?

5. Be Kind. Rewind.

Relive all the highlights of the game in full gory detail.

Every detail of the Friday the 13th game is taken directly from the movies we all know and love. Gun Media has carefully crafted the experience of the Friday the 13th series, right down to the fidelity of the 80s. This game includes all our favorite kills and memorable moments, along with a few new surprises.

Wrap up each round with your own 80s style slasher movie trailer. The end of each round will generate a highlight reel in the style of the old Friday the 13th movie trailers. So now you too can feel what it is like to be in a slasher film! How will your horror movie end?

Some of Jason's most memorable movie kills. 


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