Idom Beats Punk in Street Fighter 5 Defend The North 2017 Grand Final

Street fighter has always been the king among fighting games, the crown jewel, and main event. The Defend The North tournament was not an exception. During the tournament we saw some excellent matches but in the end it all came down to two players.

The favourite, Victor Woodley, known in the community as Punk, is an 18 year old rising star sponsored by pandaglobal. He got second place in EVOLUTION 2017 and is actually the number one ranked player worldwide in the SF5 community with his main, Karin.

Derek “iDom” Ruffin is a Laura player, practically unknown and unsponsored, he got placed 193rd in EVO 2017? and is ranked 60 in street fighter V worldwide.

Both competitors made their way to the winner finals which iDom dominated by winning 3 to 0. In a polemic turn of events, at being cornered and stunned, punk ragequit the match.

The moment that Punk ragequit the match.

Being sent to the loser’s bracket, punk had to face Danslip’s Cammy, there he won easily with a clean 3-0 and returned to face iDom in the grand finale, this time on the uneasy position of the loser’s side.

The second encounter between iDom and Punk was more even, but with an amazing comeback in match 2, and a perfect KO in match 3. iDom prevailed and by winning the competition proved why they call him the stoop kid.

iDom offering to shake Punk’s hand at the end of the match. (image courtesy of Team Spooky)

The Defend the North tournament took place on July 28th-30th in the city of New York. 

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