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What Secrets Lie Within?

30. Mirelurk Shrine

In the area surrounding the Electrical Hobbyist Club, you’ll find a strange shrine with a single mirelurk egg placed at the center. The shrine must be important to someone, because a mirelurk king will fight to the death defending it.  

29. Sewer Beneath Concord

During the main quest when you step into a suit of power armor and face off a deathclaw in Concord, you can actually explore the monster’s den. When the deathclaw pops out of the street, it’ll reveal a sewer you can drop down into.

28. Ghoulified Neighbors and Vault-Tec Rep

"Lookin' good, buddy."

As you travel the Boston Wasteland, you may randomly encounter a pack of feral ghouls. Only, they all share the familiar names of your neighbors from two hundred years ago.

Your more fortunate friend, the Vault-Tec Rep from the beginning of the game, now lives as a ghoul in the Hotel Rexford in Good Neighbor. You can even convince him to return to Sanctuary!  

27. Dam – Maintenance and Reactor Sub Level

Head east from Forest Grove Marsh to reach a dam. Inside the Operations room, you’ll find a hidden entrance covered by boxes in the corner. This is the entrance to the secret reactor level.  

26. Cat House in Diamond City

Like cats? Well Eustace Hawthorne likes them more. Pay her house a visit and you can see all twenty nine of her cats. The house can be found in the stands, the upper level of the city.

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