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Overwatch: Blizzard Releases New Gameplay Footage of Pharah
Justice Rains from Above!

Jumping Jets

Jumping Jets
Useful in those moments where you want the high ground on your side

On pressing the Shift key, Pharah will quickly leap into the skies. This skill is useful for a variety of situations since it can be used as an escape mechanic, a good way to get into an ambush positions, or to make yourself a harder target to hit momentarily. This ability compliments Pharah’s rocket launcher since rockets are harder to avoid if you fire them from a higher angle and it’s easier to catch people with splash damage.


The fuel bar will make sure you will always know how far you can fly

Using her jetpack’s fuel, Pharah can temporarily glide from point to point. Fuel is shown on the right side of the targeting reticle and indicates how far the player can glide before running out. This ability makes Pharah a useful partner to Mercy since Mercy cannot ascend to higher locations without help, but she is able to also glide and keep pace with Pharah.

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